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Genergy Battery Co. Limited aims to be one of the highest quality suppliers of Industrial batteries in the world. It is also the exclusive overseas sales and marketing company of Flying Power Group, in charge of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia markets. After years of steady growth, the factory is now operating out of a 300,000 square meter manufacturing facility. The state-of the–art factory produces over 100,000 tons of plates and has over 5 million KVA of battery output in 2015. In compliance with IEC60896-21/22 and approved by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18000, Genergy products represent the highest quality product range available from the factory, and its global appeal is becoming more and more recognized. 

To achieve the highest standard, Genergy is building a global network of quality partners and customers. With this in mind, Genergy has now opened Sales and Technical support offices worldwide, with industrial experts and talented engineers for EMEA strategic projects. It is Genergy's aim to, not only produce high quality and economic products that are fully compliant with International standards, but to also provide excellent service in both the pre-sales and post sales periods.

Genergy has also an extensive product development plan that will engage with our closest partners to create the product road map to counter everything the market throws at us. In today's world, batteries must operate in the most challenging and diverse applications and environments, and Genergy has a full and extensive range that covers all options. Why not join the Genergy journey? We are about to travel far and wide in the global standby power market.