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Our manufacturing facility has been independently awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This covers our quality procedures and environmental strategy within the organisation and is audited by external bodies for compliance and procedural correctness. Although ISO is no guarantee of quality, purely an approved procedure,our philosophy is based on having one of the highest quality products from both a manufacturing and performance perspective. 

All component parts are rigorously tested from raw materials through to finished items. We have in house test procedures and highly qualified teams that sample check and test, separators, plastics and lead supply this ensures a consistent quality of raw materials. 

During manufacturing products go through a number of tests from plate making right through to the finished product. We commit to more that 20 separate tests during manufacture and although exhaustive within our process, we can be certain that the highest quality product is produced. 

Testing during manufacture is certainly not enough for our "quality" vision. We also test 100% of our manufactured products and the "finished" stage and are confident that only the highest standard products are released to the market. 

Should the occasional substandard product slip through our process, however unlikely then our extensive warranty procedure will correct any internal issues while keeping you, the client,satisfied.